In 2009 we purchased a pair of young Hampshire Down ewes from Jennifer Atkinson and David Smith of the well-known Kelsey Flock.  


This year we had our first lambs, boy and girl, sired by Valepark Canth.  AFTERGLOW is now a registered prefix with the Hampshire Down Sheep Breeders Association.

We also keep a few free-range chickens, including a trio of white Silkies, a buff Orpington and a Light Sussex hen.  Nothing beats homegrown eggs!



Thank goodness for wool jumpers
With no grass to eat, hay becomes a
daily meal
In the nesting box
Our Light Sussex girl
Our buff Orpington hen
This white Silkie girl is by far our
best layer
One of two Silkie cockriels that live
Valepark Canth was the sire of our
first lambs
Moments after birth...
...and already on her feet!
The lambs rarely venture far from
mother’s side
The grass is always greener!
Our lambs are growing up nicely,
male on L female on R
On the street where we live :)
Rose & Blanche the day after they
arrived at the ‘’farm’’