Both Mike and Jason started out as American Cocker Spaniel fanciers albeit on different continents. Afterglow began primarily as a kennel of American Cockers.  Michael’s first UK Champion was the red and white male Afterglow Sultan of Swing, who became a group and specialty winner.  


Fast forward 20 years and 50 Champions later and you will see that our breeding program continues to generate the best the breed has to
Our Cockers have been extremely successful in Britain including TWICE TOP DOG ALL BREEDS!  And on 7 occasions TOP GUNDOG of the YEAR was an Afterglow American Cocker. In addition to multiple Champions, they have consistently dominated the breed rankings.  We have owned, bred and handled more CC winning Americans than any other kennel in UK history.

Our ultimate goal is to create a glamorous gundog with the steady, loving temperament and good health that make a truly exceptional companion.
We look to the past and aim to build on the ideals of the great Cocker kennels of yesterday from the US and around the world.

We often have puppies available for show and pet homes.  Please call or write to find out more.


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